Our trainers, Shar and Tiffany, are certified thru CATCH Trainers Academy Master Trainer Program. We teach with positive methods only. Your dog will never be punished for not succeeding but will be encouraged to learn with our effective positive methods! We keep our class sizes very small to ensure you receive the attention you and your dog need for a successful learning experience!

K9 Academy Dog Training Contact Info

We are located about two blocks away from the Little Paws Resort. Our address is 112 Tamarack Ave, Yakima WA 98901. To find us, turn west on Tamarack off of North 1st Street (by Waffles Cafe). We are on the next corner on your left.

Call 509-571-1212 with any questions!

Our services

Puppy Preschool


Free for puppies up to six months old! This is a two part class that provides information and advice on everything from potty training to dealing with those difficult puppy issues like chewing and biting. If you have a new puppy and want to learn the basics this is a great class to take before starting basic obedience!

Obedience 101

$150/6 week course

This is a basic obedience class for dogs over six months old. They will learn basic obedience cues and good manners. This is a well-rounded class that produces well-behaved dogs!

Day Camp


Day camp is a great alternative when your busy schedule makes it difficult to commit to group classes. You leave your dog with us for a full day and tell us what you want them to learn. Your dog will receive six private sessions, lunch and snacks, light brushing and some free time for play. You drop your dog off in the morning and, when you pick him up at the end of the day, our trainers will review what he has learned with you and give you instructions to carry on with their new skills!

Boarding School


Boarding school allows us to give your dog very focused one-on-one training over the course of two or more days. He or she will learn multiple advanced skills without you having to commit to months of classes. Your dog will stay with us for the duration of his or her training. Each day he or she will receive six private sessions, a morning loose leash walking lesson, lunch and snacks, daily brushing and handling lessons and some free time to play. You will meet with your trainer at the end of his or her stay to learn what your part will be in maintaining the skills we have taught.

Private School

$60/hr private

Private school involves a one-on-one lesson with a trainer in our facility. The entire time is focused on you and your dog and the specific skills you wish to learn. Bring a friend for a semi-private lesson!

Home School


When you have issues that are better addressed in your own home or yard, Home School may be your best option. Our trainer will come to your home and work with you in the atmosphere where the problem is occurring. Issues such as fence aggression, door greetings or potty training are some of the many problems we can resolve.

Loose Leash Walking

$220/6 sessions

If you want your dog to walk loosely next to you and not pull you along, this is the course for you! We will meet with you for a consultation then take your dog out for the next four lessons. These will be one-on-one with a trainer. Our gentle methods work very well. We can make your dog understand how to walk without pulling. We do not use choke, prong or electric collars on our dogs - ever. The last session is with the owner so we can show you how to maintain this skill with your dog!

Canine Good Citizen

$150/6 week course. $25 for test

We offer the six week prep course and testing for those interested in having a dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen. This is a great next step after basic and advanced obedience for having a very well-mannered dog in public places and at home.