Little Paws Pet Resort | Yakima, WA
Little Paws Pet Resort | Yakima, WA
Little Paws Pet Resort | Yakima, WA

All dogs boarding at Little Paws enjoy the benefit of cage-free daycare. The interaction with other dogs and our staff will leave your dog too tired each evening to stress over being separated from you. The daycare/boarding experience provides your dog with a vacation as enjoyable as yours! Small dogs have their own area for daycare and are not mixed with the large dogs during their stay.

Exceptional dog kennels create a sense of safety and security during the nights. Kennels are equipped with privacy panels to avoid cross contamination and top panels to prevent escapes.

Each kennel has a chew-proof Kuranda bed which keeps your dog off the floor for a more comfortable and restful night.

A private suite is available for the more discriminating dog that wants extra space and a home-like atmosphere at night. It is equipped with a twin bed, TV and window. The suite is a great place for the quieter pet who just wants to relax. Typically, dogs who are anxious and inclined to dig or chew don't do as well in the suite.

Since all boarding dogs participate in daycare, it is important to discuss your dog's behaviors with us before attending. If your dog has a history of fighting this will probably not be an appropriate environment for him or her.


Current vaccination records must be on file. Refer to our Vaccines & Medical requirements.

Please do not take your dog to the dog park or another pet facility for two weeks prior to his or her stay with us. This is to prevent the spread of germs that may be unknowingly picked up at one place and shared at another. Pet facilities include daycare, boarding and grooming.

Please make sure your dog has been treated with a flea and tick treatment before coming in. Prevention is key in keeping our facility pest-free.

All dogs over seven months of age must be spayed or neutered. They will participate in daycare, and unfixed animals do not do well in this environment. We will not accept intact dogs.

Any items brought from home for your dog while he is boarding will be kept separate from the other dogs'. Remember that toys and blankets may get chewed if your dog is nervous. We do provide beds, dishes and toys. Space is somewhat limited so bringing just a few items is appreciated.

Please provide your dog's food. Feeding a different food while boarding can lead to stomach upset. We will feed per your instructions. If you do not provide food, we will provide a high-quality, natural dog food at an additional cost of $2 per meal. We can accommodate special diets and administer medications. There will be a $5 daily charge if we need to administer medications.  Please be aware that we do not administer injections of any kind.