Little Paws Pet Resort | Yakima, WA

Vaccines & Medical


Rabies vaccine

Distemper and Parvovirus (listed as DHLP or DHLPP on your dog's vaccination record). In lieu of vaccinations, we will accept a titer test administered by a licensed veterinarian in the past 60 days stating that your dog has sufficient immunity to these diseases. Or, for older dogs, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.

Bordatella vaccine administered within the last six months. You will need to double check this one as many vets list a one-year due date instead of a six-month due date. Bordatella protects against kennel cough. Due to the daycare environment and higher risk of exposure, it is necessary to keep this strong in your dog's system. Having a current Bordatella vaccine does not entirely prevent your dog from contracting this virus, but if they do, it will be a much milder case than if they are not vaccinated. Bordatella is much like the flu in us humans and the strains change constantly. The vaccine only covers a few of the most prominent strains at that time.

Although not required at this time, we are currently highly recommending the CIV vaccine as well. Canine Influenza is spreading across the country and at some point will be in our area. CIV is similar to kennel cough but more severe. Because we frequently board dogs from out of town, it is safer for all of our guests if everyone is vaccinated. Prevention is important!


Rabies vaccine

FVRCP vaccine. In lieu of vaccination, we will accept a titer test administered by your veterinarian in the past 60 days stating that your cat has sufficient immunity to these illnesses. Or, for older cats, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.

FELV vaccine



If your pet takes oral medications, regular oral supplements or receives occasional and minimal topical skin treatments, we will be glad to administer these medications at no additional charge. All medications should be in their original containers. Please make sure to tell us what condition the medication is being used for. We do not administer injections of any kind.


For the benefit of all guests, we want to make sure that our resort remains pest-free. If our staff determines that your pet has signs of ticks or fleas, we will administer a Frontline flea and tick treatment ($20 fee) upon arrival. This topical treatment is applied through an applicator tube in a small spot on the skin of your pet's back.


In the unlikely event that your pet needs medical attention due to illness or injury, we will attempt to contact you first. If we are unable to contact you, we will attempt to contact the person listed as your emergency contact on the registration form. We will try to get your pet into your vet if they are available. If not, we will take it to the closest available veterinarian or emergency clinic. All charges for veterinary and transportation will be your responsibility per the registration agreement.

It is important to provide us with an emergency contact who is able to step in on your behalf if an emergency happens. This individual must be in the local area while you are away and is authorized to make decisions for you about your pet if you cannot be reached. Your pet is a member of your family and we honor that relationship. It is critical that we be able to reach you or your designee quickly, should an emergency arise. If we cannot reach you or your designee, we will use our best judgment and act in the best interest of your pet, as if it were our own.