Add a Bath!

Add a Bath!

Would you like your dog to be nice and clean when you pick him or her up from daycare or boarding?

Grooming services are available Monday thru Friday and baths are available 7 days per week, 365 days per year BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Let them put their best paws forward.



Our professional, certified groomer is available Monday through Friday for nail clipping, full cuts and styling! Grooming is scheduled by appointment only. Our Groomer, Lacie does a great job and you will be pleased with the results! Price depends on the size and coat of each dog.

In addition to a regular bath, nails and brush we also offer the following:


Includes our standard bath PLUS: We use a conditioner specifically formulated for shedding dogs then follow up with 30 minutes of extra brushing. We use a special de-shedding brush. Nails are trimmed and filed smooth. Additional $10-30 for bath depending on size and coat.


The following services can be requested independently or added to a bath or package for an additional fee.

Nails trimmed $5
Nails trimmed and filed $10
Anal glands expressed $5
Ears Cleaned $5
Flea bath & tick removal $10
Sanitary Cut $5-$10
De-matting (per hour) $10-$15
Teeth brushing $10
Tear stain removal $5