Little Paws Pet Resort | Yakima, WA

Why we are different!

When you step through our doors, the first thing you will notice is how clean it smells inside. We devote a lot of time and effort into maintaining a very clean facility. You will also find our staff to be very friendly and accommodating. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet in our care and are here to answer all of your questions and help your pet to become part of our family. Our staff truly loves animals and will do everything possible to make their stay enjoyable.

We are open 365 days per year and you can drop off or pick up your pets anytime during our business hours. No restricted hours or days! If we are here, you are welcome! Major holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays have reduced hours but we are still open mornings and afternoon to accommodate our boarders.

Our boarding prices include extras like comfortable bedding, toys, kitty litter, outside playtime and the dispensing of medications if necessary. While we do charge for extra treats such as ice cream or biscuits and gravy, we feel that the basics should all be covered in one price.

To help keep the cost down as much as possible, we do offer multi-pet discounts, prepaid daycare discounts and long stay discounts. Check out our rates page!

You are always welcome to bring something from home for your pet. Having something that smells like home and is familiar can help your pet to relax. We love to set up cozy beds with something from home for each guest! Keep in mind that these items can get chewed due to stress and we will remove anything that could pose a choking hazard.

All of the dogs that stay with us enjoy playing with other dogs and interacting with our staff every day. By nighttime they are tired and ready for a soft bed, a little privacy and some much needed sleep. It is important for dogs to stay active and have this much attention to help reduce the stress of being away from home. During the afternoon, when things have quieted down in daycare, the dogs enjoy some one-on-one time with our staff getting some extra love, brushed or just laying on a lap.

Although our cats don't get to play together in a daycare situation, they do get individual time out of their housing every day. They get the whole room to explore, sit in the windows, climb the cat tree or just keep an eye on us working the front desk. The cats enjoy the stimulation of watching what is going on in the lobby without any worry of getting too close to any dogs. The cat room is surprisingly quiet and we enjoy spending some time in the rocking chair with them or just letting their play entertain us!

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