Shar has done an excellent job training Molly and of course I was trained also. Molly is almost a perfect lady. Steve and Molly will be going back to school this coming spring. Thanks again Shar for training Molly and thank you Debbie for opening Little Paws


Meg and I had an absolutely great time in obedience class. It's like training in your own home. Door bell issues? Barking along the fence when strangers walk by? Counter surfing in the kitchen? No simulation at the acadamy, it's the real thing. We learned new behaviors and new tricks and met new friends. All under the guidance of Shar and Tiffany. They know their stuff! We're looking forward to the next class.


LOVE taking our dog here! Amazing teacher & Apollo learns so much.


I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with Rocco’s progress. While he’s a wonderful dog 90% of the time, he had resource guarding issues that were becoming out of hand and even dangerous. After trying several other approaches without success, this was a last attempt. We did a series of in home sessions as his behaviors were very situational. Tiffany did a wonderful job assessing our situation and developing solutions that would work for Rocco and our family. She was always checking on our progress and patiently adjusting training as needed. We are so happy to have our sweet little dog back and would recommend Little Paws training without hesitation!


Training with Shar and Tiffany has transformed Marla (a pug/Chihuahua rescue from the Humane Society) from a loving buddy to the best dog ever! In three months of private lessons, she has learned to loose-leash walk, sit and down/stay including doorways among other obedience tasks. Her exposure visits to the parks with Tiffany have significantly reduced her stranger anxiety. I have previously owned Newfoundlands that have had both group and private lessons but Shar and Tiffany have exceeded all of my expectations. They provide a weekly written progress report with homework suggestions carefully explained and are available by phone if I have questions. Marla loves her training and has loads more grins at home!


I couldn’t be more pleased with the loose-leash training I had with Tiffany, Duke’s trainer. Within his first day of training I noticed a big difference in him and I have taken Duke to other dog training classes and did not get these results. Tiffany was very polite and professional, was very good with Duke and also gave very good tips on how to handle him. Duke is enjoying his walks. His is not nervous or pulling. Walking with him is so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend Little Paws K9 Academy. A heartfelt thanks to Tiffany and Little Paws. Duke says thank you too!